Facing Challenges – Getting my GED and my life together

Facing Challenges – Getting my GED and my life together

It came, as a surprise to find out I was pregnant when I was just a teen in high school. The father of the baby and I had just recently broken up and he was already into someone else when I found out. I figured my life was already ruined, why ruin his too, and didn’t tell him he was about to be a father.

My mom, who was also a single parent, cried for hours when I told her. She took a job at a Laundromat after dad left when I was just 4 years old, and she has been there ever since.

I never wanted to end up as she did working a dead end job just to support herself and her child. Moreover, I wanted to reward her for this by showing her that all her hard work paid off and she raised me right, So, I worked hard in school to get good grades, but none of that mattered when I learned of my condition.

However, I wasn’t about to give up on that notion and thought there must be some way I could still make mom proud of the daughter that she raised. Therefore, after my daughter was born, I decided to go back to school and make something of myself.

Before I could attend a school, I had to have my GED so I checked around for classes that would help me prepare for the test. Unfortunately, I learned that the GED classes were not free and either was the test.

At the time my daughter and I were living with mom while receiving a small monthly check from the government that was barely enough to pay for all the expenses that come with having a baby such as, diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, baby food, clothes, blankets, toys, and more, let alone take care of my own expenses. Mom would have helped, but she recently became ill and was living on unemployment that was less than half her normal pay.

So, I hit the pavement and found a job answering phones for a flower shop, part-time. By the time I paid the babysitter I had only a little more than I was receiving from the welfare, but fortunately, it was just enough to pay for my GED classes that I took online after work.

Between mother being sick and having to take care of the baby, I could barely find the time to study, but I studied on my lunch break, while the baby napped, before going to bed, on my days off, and whenever I got the chance and I nailed that GED test.

After I got my GED, it was all uphill from there, since I was able to get a better job to help support mom and my baby and then received a grant to attend college, which I attended online– after work and graduated with a masters in accounting only a few years later.

I currently have a great job, own a nice home, and have a brand new car, but the real reward came when my mom told me she was so proud of the person that she raised, it was my turn to cry, but these were happy tears of joy.

About The Author:

Sidney Collins is currently an accountant in Boulder, Colorado. She hopes to inspire young woman to be self sufficient and seek out higher level degrees. In her spare time, she loves to go running and spend time with her daughter, Sarah.

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